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Sunny Southern Italy, Made for Black & White, by Drake Busath

Some towns cry out for Black and White like the little village of Rodi, in Italy’s Puglia Region. I recently spent a week in Puglia with writer Ray Ownbey and pro photographer Luigi Barbano trying “think in B&W”.

One reason this town was a natural for B&W is that it’s quite colorless.  Duh, you say!  But how many great situations do we walk past because we’re thinking in color.  The south of Italy is plastered in white and gray and when the sun’s shining (pretty much all the time) it presents a full palette of white to black, with accents of deep blue sky.  This image was done with a single exposure, but often in these high contrast scenes I’ve been doing brackets and using HDR.  I was slow to adopt HDR, but my friend Luigi keeps wowing me with his wide angle HDR work.  Luigi Barbano

Ciao for now!

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