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Guest Post, Joel Addams, International Photography

Joel Addams will be the guest instructor on our upcoming “Intimate Tuscany” workshop taking place May 5-11, 2013 in Tuscany. To see details about the workshop visit: Italy Workshops

Joel Addams:  “Traveling to me has been paramount in my own survival.  I’m not sure what I would be doing if I hadn’t had my eyes really opened to the world in my life.  I’ve enjoyed most the possibility of discovering it by myself, and then offering others the experience of seeing and understanding some of the great and diverse cultures for themselves.  Photography has been the great communicator for me to do this, and some of my favorite images are those that are unique to a particular situation, a time when I could say ‘I was here’  and those moments could not be relived.  They have been in dark rooms where children’s eyes were big and in bright lights of European cities at night.  I have loved all of these moments, and I have enjoyed immensely the vulnerability of being in places where the language and customs were unfamiliar.  This vulnerability gives me enormous respect for my surroundings and visually, I am able to see things that I would not see in places where I am very familiar.”

“Europe especially has always attracted me, with its insistence on real life, real food, and real conversation.  While I have spent the most time in France, I have probably spent the most photographic time in Spain, with Italy close behind.  It’s tempting whenever I visit a notable place to immediately go to the iconic sites, places that I have seen in photographs and which everyone tries their hand at.  This is something like wanting to see ‘The Scream’ at the Museum of Modern Art but missing all the fantastic paintings and photographs on the other levels.  In fact, finding your own images that reflect the visual treasures of the area become far more rewarding in the long run.   I was drawn to photography initially by my love for the outdoors and of the landscape, after viewing the grand vistas of the old masters of film.  Through time, I have also seen and appreciated the finer details of the world both indoor and in the studio.  Rich light and a beautiful or interesting subject can make any scene beautiful.”


Joel Addams has ten years of travel, landscape, editorial, and commercial photography experience and is currently represented by Aurora Photos, a specialized photographic agency. His credits include National Geographic Online Edition, The Travel Channel, MSN Living, Utah Department of Tourism, as well as editorial and advertising campaigns for companies around the world. His prints are found in private collections around the country and in Europe. His interests have included editorial work, often combined with his personal work and interest in humanitarian issues. Since 2011, he has been writing and directing a documentary on eye care and tissue donation in Asia with the international non-profit Tissue Banks International, set to be released in early 2013. A firm believer in black and white, Joel released his first eBook “Power of the Glance: Travel Portraits in Black and White” on iTunes in December 2012.

See more of Joel’s work on his website:

To buy Joel’s eBook on iTunes: Power of the Glance: Travel Portraits in Black and White

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