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Our Process  |  From pre-session all the way to custom framing

The Busath Process in a Nutshell

  1. FREE consultation and quote by phone
  2. In-person Planning Session
  3. Photography session
  4. View and Select about one week after your session 
  5. Artwork  / Printing / Framing is all done here in-house and takes 3o days or so.
  6. Installation of your larger portraits


family portrait in the garden

When and Where
Studio Portraits  can be scheduled anytime, rain or shine.  Choose your color palette,  from light and airy to rich and painterly.  In-studio portraits can be accomplished for groups up to 75 people or so.

Garden Portraits here at our historic South Temple property are very popular from May to October.   Late-morning sessions offer ideal light for groups during the summer time.  In the fall, almost time of day works.  And don’t worry about the weather, we have some great tricks for adding “sunshine’ on gloomy days.

Nearby Location Portraits offer you some wonderful Utah scenery for your portrait, from mountain settings to soft grass savannas.  Generally, we like to schedule locations sessions in the last hour of daylight.  Ask about our current favorite locations!

Home Portraits
 can be personal and story-telling.  A home portrait can be created in the yard, with your house, softly in the background, or inside relaxing in your favorite room.  We have 40 years experience adding soft flattering light to any situation, so leave the lighting up to us.  Most often, we schedule outdoor home portraits for late in the afternoon or evening.  Indoor sessions can be done anytime but are best in daylight, so that your windows glow and rooms feel full of light.

What to Wear

Busath Color Palettes help you coordinate colors.  Choose from several palettes, each showing 3 or 4 color swatches and families dressed in those colors.   Choose a palette and share it with your family by text or email to assure a coordinated (but not too “matchy”) look.

Tips for keeping it timeless

Build a base of neutral fabrics.  Consider an accent color on children because they make a great focal point. 

Don’t mix lights and darks.  Choose a dark-on-dark theme or a light-on-light look to unify the group. 

Avoid bold patterns.

Dark clothes slenderize. So do longer sleeves and wearing the same tone on top and bottom. 

Layer to add interest and depth.

For a stunning formal portrait blend rich, understated colors. Layers of darker tones simplify the overall look, while adding depth.

Lay out the clothing in the room where your portrait will live.  Snap a photo and bring it to your planning session. 

Bring options. We have dressing rooms here for quick changes, so if you’re questioning, bring it along!

How to Schedule

Call for a free consultation. We’re always happy to chat. 


Our hours (MST):
Tuesday – Friday 10AM to 6PM 
Saturday 10AM to 2PM


Because sessions vary so much, please call for a Free Session Quote. Below are our starting session prices.

Individual Child Sessions from $75

Child Group Sessions from $125

Couple Sessions from $95

Graduate Sessions from $95

Individual Adult Sessions from $95

Family Studio & Garden Sessions from $145

Family Location Sessions from $195

Traditional Extended Family Sessions from $245

Seamless Extended Family Sessions from $295


Our studio number is 801-364-6645.  We’re open Tues-Fri 10-6 and Saturdays 10-2

Free Planning Session

We absolutely love to help you plan your portrait session in advance!

Please consider stopping by the studio (by appointment is best) and see examples of different styles available.  At this time, we can gather a little information about your needs to help us to create a more meaningful and authentic portrait.
At this planning meeting, we can also offer suggestions about clothing choices, makeup and accessories.
We would be happy to stop by your home, if you’d rather, and see where you’ll be hanging this next masterpiece.  Often a home visit inspires great ideas for color and preferences that help our photographers immensely.

Call us to discuss your project!  Our studio number is 801-364-6645

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