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A Misgiving Glance, by Drake Busath

This street portrait makes me think of the title of Joel Addams book “Power of the Glance”. It was a series of glances, really, a conversation we had without very many words. I found myself sitting across the narrow road in Montalcino, Italy from this gentleman. We were both on a break and we shared a nod and an expression of exhaustion after climbing the same steep hill. A little bit a of a smile, when the camera came out he knew I wanted something from him. I’m not the first visitor to want it. Rather than be sneaky, I just raised and shot, resulting in this portrait of misgiving. Afterward, we had a nice chat about his life, post-war and even got some laughing portraits. My mission in May is to find this man and share a print with him, and hopefully continue the conversation.
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