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Bridal Photographer Salt Lake City UT

Drake finds himself spending more time at the Great Salt Lake these days, a place he’s loved and explored since he use to ride his bicycle out there as a teenager. (Don’t tell anyone, but that was 40 years ago!) Earlier this summer our front desk manager, Kristine, got Drake down to the Lake for her bridal photos! She brought an entourage (5 sisters!) which made the session a breeze and lots of fun. We are so happy for Kristine and her now husband Joey.

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Couples Photographer, Salt Lake City UT

The Studio's gardens are loving all this rain.  We are so spoiled, to have our own little private gardens here to make portraits… Far from the Maddening Crowd, if you know what I mean. Today I was out pulling some weeds and I had a young guy wander into the yard and ask me what this place is.   His expression was just like the people finding the baseball field in the cornfields in Field of Dreams, I had to smile.  He’s still sitting out there on the patio reading his book… This portrait of Alexa and Tanner is my favorite from Friday’s session.    

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