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The Artful Family Portrait

Where are the pictures taken? Outdoor Garden Portraits:  Enjoy the gardens here at our South Temple Mansion, built especially with family portraits in mind In-Studio: We have large, fully-equipped (and air conditioned) studio spaces that allow for perfect lighting, regardless of the weather conditios, any time of day.   Your Location: We also enjoy photographing on location, at your home or wherever your reunion is taking place. We’ll come to you and make it easy for everyone. Adventure Locations:  We have some favorite dramatic locations if you’d like to be photographed with a great-outdoors look.  The cost is just slightly higher depending on the distance.  Call us and we’ll show you samples of nearby adventure locations! 

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Last Call for Christmas Cards!

Use the portrait we created for you recently on a great holiday card.  We have dozens of new designs to choose from, and we are eager to help you design a card you can be proud of.  Cards come in sets of 25 starting at $148.  Choose hundreds of combinations of sizes, colors, shapes and papers.  All Busath cards are personalized with your own inscription. Click here to check out this year's new designs by Jamie Shaw and Hannah Wood.  

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