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Family Location Photographer, Salt Lake City UT

The Bishoff family sees Maddy leave for her mission just as Tanner gets home.  Glad they got a few days to see each other at least!   We met up at 8 AM for this portrait session so we could get a crisp back-lit look on the group.  We added a large softbox light from the right side to keep faces nice and bright and still maintain a natural look.  I see a lot of photographers trying to use flash on camera for frontal fill light and it’s usually a bad idea, Kudos to the Bishoffs for choosing clothing that coordinates without getting to matchy. - Drake

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Family Photographer, Salt Lake City UT

Blast from the past on Tuesday.  I haven’t seen this young couple since we lived in the Millcreek hood with them 20+ years ago.  We’ve all since moved and lost touch.  Remarkable to see this absolute knockout family reappear for a portrait this week.  Johnsons,  if you’re reading this, please know my very heartfelt best wishes follow you…  keep squeezing his hand and please stay in touch. -Drake    

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Couples Photographer, Salt Lake City UT

The Studio's gardens are loving all this rain.  We are so spoiled, to have our own little private gardens here to make portraits… Far from the Maddening Crowd, if you know what I mean. Today I was out pulling some weeds and I had a young guy wander into the yard and ask me what this place is.   His expression was just like the people finding the baseball field in the cornfields in Field of Dreams, I had to smile.  He’s still sitting out there on the patio reading his book… This portrait of Alexa and Tanner is my favorite from Friday’s session.    

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